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SPV Formations: Fund of Funds and Audit

What’s new

Carta has been able to perform fund administration for SPVs that are audited and/or fund of funds but now we can form these SPVs as well. 

How it works

In our engagement letter form select the package that works best for you.

Note: if you have a more complex SPV use the link at the bottom of the engagement letter form to get in touch with an account manager. 

After engaging with Carta to form your SPV, we will invite you to complete our setup guide.  Within the setup guide we will generate an Operating Agreement or Limited Partnership Agreement that allows for your SPV to be audited and/or invest in funds.  You and your LPs will be able to sign the document within Carta.

What’s next 

We will continue to expand our SPV Formations offering allowing customers to form SPVs with quarterly reporting, multiple capital calls, premium carry and annual management fees.