Share Class Conversions (Beta)

What's new?

Share Class Conversions are now self-serve on Carta.

What’s important about this change?

Skip contacting Support for share class conversions. With our new self-service tool, your law firm will be able to complete this for you in minutes.

Select individual shares, or convert entire share classes when needed. Once the shares classes are converted, Carta handles canceling the existing certificates, issuing new stock certificates, and guiding signatories and security holders through the process of executing signatures. 

What do I need to do?

This feature is currently in beta with law firms and we are releasing it to more users on a rolling basis. By April 2023, all company legal admins will have access to in-app share class conversions too.

If you need to perform a share class conversion, reach out to your outside counsel. If you don’t have a law firm, contact Carta Support using the In-App Help Center.

How do I learn more or get help?

Visit this support article to learn more about the step-by-step process.