Performance Awards in Custom Reporting

You will now be able to see data related to performance awards in our custom reporting suite. 

These fields include:

Performance Condition - The name of the performance condition
Condition type - Whether the condition is event based, market-based, or non-market based
Vesting condition details - Any notes regarding this performance condition
Minimum payout - Lowest payout percentage, relative to the original grant amount
Maximum payout - Highest payout percentage, relative to the original grant amount
Vests post-termination - Whether the performance condition could be recognized during a PTEP period to allow vesting
Performance condition recognition status - Whether the condition was recognized or unrecognized
Recognition date - Date the condition is recognized
Actual payout percentage - The payout percentage, relative to original grant amount

You'll see these fields in these reports and are able to add them as optional fields in other custom reports:

Equity Awards outstandingEquity Plan Granted reportOptions outstanding report Securities Ledger