New Equity Reporting Page and Custom Reporting

What's new

  • Custom reporting - set filter criteria and add, edit, and remove data columns
  • Preview of ledger-based reports
  • Unified reporting page - see Carta-provided reports and your custom reports

How you can access the experience

In the last few months, we've been introducing a new reporting experience and the ability to create custom reports. We hope this update will help you become more efficient in exporting the Carta data you need, in the format you need. If this experience is enabled for your company, you'll be able to access the page by clicking on Capitalization > Reporting in the top menu.

From top of the classic reporting page, you'll see a banner allow you to switch between the new and old reporting pages.

Once you've landed on the new page, you always have the option to head back to the classic reporting page at any time, by using the banner in the top navigation.

How to run a Carta-provided report

From this new page, you'll be able to access the same reports that you are familiar with. For example, clicking on the cap table report will surface a modal, allowing you to input the parameters necessary to generate the report

Some reports now support in-app preview and customization, these are denoted by a purple customizable badge. Clicking on the report name brings you directly to the report preview. You're able to adjust parameters, see the filters applied, and a preview of the data before exporting the report.

Customizing a report

You can make modifications to this report and save it as a custom report by clicking Copy and edit in the top navigation. From here you can make adjustments to filtering criteria and add, remove, or reorder columns.

Once you're happy with your changes, you can Save and run the report or export it to share.