Introducing financial reporting custom properties

What's new?

Custom properties are now available in Carta Financial Reporting. Custom properties are a simple way to classify and organize your Stock-based Compensation (SBC) Expense and Minimum Disclosures reports.

What’s important or valuable about this change? 

If a custom property field is populated for a stakeholder, there will be a column in the Tranches tab of the SBC Expense and Minimum Disclosures reports allowing users to allocate expense to individual properties. 

What do I need to do?

If custom properties are already created for individual stakeholders, users will just need to run a new reporting period in Financial Reporting to see the property columns populate. 

If the user has not yet added custom properties for stakeholders, the columns will not populate. To add custom properties, visit this support article.

How do I learn more or get help?

For additional support on this, contact