International Bands and Total Cash Compensation Data for Customer Success

What’s new?

We have two exciting updates now available in Carta Total Comp. You can now use: 

  • International salary and equity adjustments on the Plan and Bands pages
  • Total cash compensation benchmarks for the Customer Success job area

International adjustments

Users will now be able to view salary and equity benchmarks on the Bands page based on adjustments from our US benchmarks. In this initial release, users will have access to adjustments for 45 countries.

How do I see international adjustments?

You can view international adjustments by:

  1. Visiting the Plan page and scrolling down to International Market Adjustments. This section will show you suggested adjustments for salary and equity across 45 countries. These suggested Adjustments are based on Carta data and our knowledge of local market practices.
  2. You can override these suggested adjustments to better match your company’s comp philosophy. Click into them to edit, and save your new adjustment by clicking the check box.
  3. Visit the Bands page to view the adjusted salary & equity benchmarks. Find any of the 45 countries by selecting it from the Location dropdown.

Total cash compensation benchmarks for Customer Success

Carta will now provide total cash compensation benchmarks for the Customer Success job area. Total cash compensation is defined as base salary plus target variable compensation. 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile data are accessible on the Bands page. No other benchmarks have changed in this update.

How do I see total cash compensation benchmarks for the Customer Success job area?

You can view Total Cash Compensation benchmarks for the Customer Success job area by:

  1. Visiting the Bands page and selecting “Customer Success” under Area. 
  2. Select “Total Cash” for compensation type.
  3. This will allow you to view total cash compensation bands for levels 1 - 11 for the Customer Success job area.  

How do I update my plan to use the new benchmarks version?

You can update your compensation plan to use the latest benchmark versions either by:

  1. Visiting the Plan page and clicking on the "Update available" link in the Active Plan window.
  2. Navigating to the Bands page and clicking on "Update" in the top left.

You will have the opportunity to preview the new plan with the updated benchmarks version and assess their impact on your scorecard before accepting the new plan.

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What’s next?

Carta Total Comp is working on updated salary and equity benchmarks for all job areas and specializations.