Hire internationally using Carta Offer Letters

What’s new

Total Comp customers can now send Offer Letters in 140 international currencies. Candidates will be able to view their Offer Letter in their local currency. 

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How do I send an Offer Letter in a non-USD currency?

  1. Navigate to the Current Offers page and click “Create Offer.”
  2. In the “Compensation” section, select the correct currency for the candidate’s Offer Letter. Companies are still able to offer multiple packages for international offers.

3. Enter the Base salary in either the local currency or USD.

4. The Equity value can be entered in USD only. However, you will be able to see this displayed in the local currency selected as well when you preview the Offer Letter before sending it to the candidate.

5. Candidates will be able to view their Offer Letter in the selected local currency.  This includes their benefits, Offer Summary, and the Compensation Projection chart. 

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Visit the Carta Offer Letters resource center for more details.

Have additional questions about Carta Offer Letters? Reach out to your Account Manager or contact our Support Team.