Employee ID Matching Tool

What’s new?

There is a new way for Cap Table Admins to manage Employee IDs.
This is more than just an import; it is a matching tool that will make it easier to match the Employee ID with the indented Stakeholder in Carta. 

Why is this important?

The Employee ID can clearly indicate that employee #123ABC on the HRIS or another system is the same as the Stakeholder #123ABC on Carta.

The Employee ID matching tool will compare Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, and email from an external source to the records in Carta. If all of the data between the two sources match exactly, then the Employee ID will be automatically saved in Carta. If some of the data matches, like Last Name and Email but not First Name, then those matches will be shown as a pending match some the Cap Table admin to confirm if the records are the same across two systems. 

How it works

This tool is available to a user with the role of Legal admin or Company Admin. It is under the Stakeholders dropdown > Stakeholder Updates > Employee ID Matching.

Step 1: Add External data

Download the template, and populate it with employee IDs, First Name, Last Name and email from the Employee ID source system (typically an HRIS or Payroll system). Upload this data into Carta as a CSV file, or Copy/paste directly into the matching tool.

Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, and email are all required for this upload. 

Step 2: External Data Source

Once the data is uploaded, it will run through the automatic matching process. If the data is the same between the external source and Carta, then the Employee ID will automatically be updated. 

Step 3: Review Pending Matches

If the data from the external source matches the data in Carta, then approve the suggested match. There is also an option to select a different Stakeholder or to clear it. 

Step 4: Review and save