Carta now supports performance conditions for grants with custom vesting schedules

Performance conditions can now be set at the tranche level for vesting schedules that have been customized for an individual grant. Administrators can create custom schedules for individual participants and attach vesting tranches to performance conditions. 

With this enhancement, performance awards can now be attached to grants without vesting templates. This compliments our existing performance award functionality that allows for performance awards to be attached to vesting template tranches.

To create a custom performance vesting schedule, first select Custom vesting in the vesting schedule column when drafting an award:

This selection will bring up a vesting schedule creator. If the vesting schedule is unique to this particular grant, click Custom one time schedule. 

Note: if the vesting schedule for the grant is not unique, we recommend clicking Create schedule as template. Creating a template will allow multiple grants to use the same vesting pattern.

After clicking Custom one-time schedule, enter the vest dates and quantities. If a performance condition applies to one or more of the tranches, select it in the Performance Condition column.

Following the creation of the custom performance vesting schedule and the drafting of the grant, the grant’s vesting schedule and payout will be governed by the performance condition. From this step, the performance condition’s achievement and payout function in the same way as grants with standard and custom performance vesting templates: