Automated Refresh Vesting Schedules

What's new?

We are excited to introduce automated refresh vesting schedules! Now, all private companies have a template ready for refresh vesting, a schedule that mimics Carta's equity strategy of boxcar grants

How does it work?

On the vesting schedule templates page (Securities > Templates > Vesting Schedules), you can edit the Refresh Vesting to select when grants under this schedule should start vesting. See detailed instructions to manage vesting templates here.

You will have options from 1 to 4 years after the issue date.

You are all set! 

Now, you can start adding, modifying or applying the Refresh Vesting when issuing new securities, and we will automatically calculate and input the vesting start date for you, based on the criteria selected on the template.

Where can I learn more?

Visit this support article or contact us via the In-App Help Center.