Bulk Add Stakeholders

Carta now supports adding multiple stakeholders in bulk.

Previously, adding new stakeholders to Carta was done on an individual basis within the Stakeholder ledger -- Manage Stakeholders > Add stakeholder. While this works perfectly well for a single stakeholder, it becomes time consuming for multiple stakeholders. For this reason, we’ve released a new Bulk Add Stakeholders feature. Here’s how to use it --

  1. Go to the Stakeholder ledger - Manage Stakeholders > Bulk Add Stakeholders. You will see something that looks like this -


  1. Use the “Download spreadsheet” button to download a blank xlsx file where you can input all your new stakeholder information
  2. Fill in the xslx spreadsheet with your new stakeholder data. These will typically consist of recent employees who have joined your company
  3. Go back to the Carta app to upload the spreadsheet containing the changes
  4. Click the “Submit updates” button, and if there are no errors found with the data, you’re done! If there are errors, you will see a screen similar to what’s shown below. Click the “Download errors spreadsheet” button to download an annotated spreadsheet that calls out the errors.


  1. Correct the errors in the resulting spreadsheet, re-upload the updated sheet, and submit the changes again. That should be it! The new stakeholders contained in your file will now be added as new stakeholders in Carta.

Integrate Carta with BambooHR

In Open Beta today, Carta now offers an integration with BambooHR, a leading provider of HR software!

Carta Companies on the Scale and IPO Ready plans using BambooHR can set up an integration in minutes and benefit from a seamless, secure integration that keeps employee information up to date in Carta, improving data accuracy and reducing the risk of error.

Email integration_requests@carta.com or your Carta Relationship Manager to learn more about getting access to this feature.

Screen Recording 2019-09-05 at 12.58 PM.gif

When you integrate Carta with BambooHR, you can use the integration to:

  1. Auto-update stakeholder profiles in Carta as the corresponding employee record is updated in BambooHR
  2. Auto-terminate stakeholder profiles upon an employee’s departure

IT, HR and Finance leaders can rest assured that employee new hire and termination events are accurately reflected in Carta, creating the best possible experience for stakeholders, employees, and administrators.

stakeholder updates.png

Carta customers can follow the simple steps in this how-to-guide to get up and running: How to set up an integration with BambooHR.

Learn more about how the integration works by reading this topic-guide: How does Carta integrate with BambooHR?.

How to get access to Carta's new and improved Equity Plan Balance Report

If you oversee the management of your company’s equity plan or you’re a law firm user helping a client understand their equity plan, we are excited to announce that we have a new Equity Plan Balance Report available via request today.

We’ve made a couple of key changes in the new report:

  • Run one report for multiple equity plans: Get a high level view of how issuing/amending multiple plans affect available equity.
  • Audit how shares and grants “pour over” from one plan to another: Track how shares and grants are moving between plans as they are canceled or issued so you know exactly what’s available from a plan at any given day.
  • See a summary of how amendments and new issuances affect plan size: Track changes to plans as your company chooses to amend or create new plans with varying terms.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.54.02 PM.png

As one of the most downloaded report on Carta today, we believe this report will help companies and their law firms understand their current equity plan and plan for the future as business needs evolve.

This report is currently in closed beta. If your Carta subscription includes reporting features, this report is available for your use upon request. To gain access, please send a note to angela.jo@carta.com