New way of managing board members

Now Board admins can manage access to board room under “Company > Roles and Permissions > Board”. We streamlined adding members, made status of invitation visible and moved company access to “People”.

Admins can also now resend invitation to board members who didn’t accept invitation to join Carta.

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2FA Status update

We strongly recommend that you enable 2-factor authentication to keep your account secure.

If you do not have access to your device or cannot receive the code, you can raise a request to disable it through the Carta platform.

In case we do not have enough information to approve your request, you will now be able to schedule an identity verification call directly from the status update email - no need to contact support first.


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New Permissions and Roles page

To improve the user experience in our platform, we merged the Access and Roles pages together.
Now company access, roles, signatories and board admins can be managed in one place -- Permissions and roles page, under the Company dropdown.


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Access page

Screenshot-2018-7-3 Meetly - Carta(2).png

Roles page


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Switch emails in your account

You can now easily switch between your contact and additional emails on web.

Under the settings page you are able to add additional emails. Once you have multiple emails verified, you can select the email you would like to use as the main contact email.

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This will be available in the mobile app soon!

Select board members who need to approve a resolution

Now you can select board members who need to approve a resolution. This helps if you have committees or a board member’s contract will soon expire.

You can also decide if you want to send notifications or not, so you can create multiple resolutions and approvals without sending multiple emails.




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Hiding docs users don't have access to

We updated boardroom user experience and now hide all documents that users don’t have access to. This improvement is important for closed session part of the board meeting which is usually only attended by board directors.